Monday, February 28, 2005


OK, the local seminary refuses to take the theological books. They claim their library is well stocked and they don't need them. (They did not ask me what books were included in my offer, so how do they know they have them?) They have book sales for the students every so often, but they just had one of those. I told the librarian there that we didn't care of the books went to students for free - we just wanted them to be used. Nope - they said thanks, but no thanks.

Some of these books are expensive - yet we can't even give them away to the very people who could get some use out of them. Can they tell me they don't have any students who are short on funds and would love to start their personal library with some free books?

Hey, people - we're trying to simplify and downsize here - can we have a little cooperation?

It's one thing to try to sell something and have your offer met with disdain. It's another thing to try to give something away - and still get rejected!

Well, we are not letting this get to us. Our simplicity experiment will not be sidetracked by others' refusal to participate.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you put an ad in the town newspaper or school publication, offering them to students for free?

Maybe the UM Reporter for the area?