Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who am I? Where am I?

I had strange dreams two consecutive nights. Ed interprets dreams, but these I could figure out on my own.

In the first dream, I was back in high school. Actually, that's a nightmare, not a dream. I have school nightmares a lot, and in them I am usually late for class or forgot something important. Anyway, in my first dream, I was in a school where the students had to wear ID badges at all times, and I had lost mine. I dug through my purse frantically trying to find my badge, but never could find it.

In the second dream, I was out somewhere and had to call Ed to ask him for directions on how to get home, because I had forgotten where I lived. Not that I was lost, mind you. I had simply forgotten where I lived! Later in the dream, I found myself at my childhood church singing in the choir. Someone asked me why I had tennis shoes on. I told him, "It's because all my other clothes are packed away in storage."

See? Easy to interpret! These dreams boil down to "Who am I?" and "Where am I?" with an added footnote of "How come everything I need is in storage?" My whole identity is undergoing review and revision during this downsizing. And my subconscious is starting to wonder where in heck I'm supposed to be living. In other words, transition anxiety in my life has become ubiquitous - even in sleep I am stressed!

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Tif said...

You're not sure who and where you are. If my dream yesterday is any indication, I'm not sure if I'm in control of anything--especially my teenager. I dreamt she came home from school and literally laughed at anything I told her to do, including my plea to hold onto the neighbor's baby whom she had nonchalantly placed on the upstairs railing! (The baby fell, of course, all the way to the first floor.) I was so enraged that I took my daughter by the shoulders and shook her, saying, "Listen to me! You've got to stop this! You're a good girl!" As she laughed in my face, her head morphed into some kind of android-horse combo. I'm either crazy or the novacaine the dentist gave me yesterday morning should be illegal!