Monday, December 25, 2006

Days of our Lives

The Five Days of Christmas:

Day 1 without TV: "Lord, keep me from being one of those holier-than-thou people who think any experiment I undertake successfully makes me better than everyone else. Amen."

Day 2 without TV: "Wow, it's quiet around here."

Day 3 without TV: "Wish I could see the news. Wonder what's happening in the world?"

Day 4 without TV: "What's this thing called? A radio?"

Day 5 without TV: "Lord, if I weaken and go back to TV again, please help me view responsibly and limit my TV viewing to a minimum. I've learned my lesson! Now where's the remote??"

Day 1 without Internet: "This is hard."

Day 2 without Internet: "Wish I could check e-mail."

Day 3 without Internet: "Wish I could blog."

Day 4 without Internet: "Wish I could send some pictures."

Day 5 without Internet: "Lord, just help me survive until the stupid dial-up is activated!"

Merry Christmas! Thank goodness for Rachel's cable Internet connection!

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