Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ode to Ed

We are on the last two weeks before the curtain rises on our house, so to speak, and I want to document here that Ed has worked like a crazy man. (Since he has always been a crazy man, he was halfway there to begin with.) Venise left us with a long laundry list of chores, and Ed has responded with alacrity. He has already packed up most of the extra kitchen dishes/pots/etc. He has cleared out the curio cabinet and moved it in preparation for taking it upstairs. He has moved the big leather chair out of the TV room and into the front parlor/dining room. He emptied out the shelves in the pantry. I had already boxed up my Christmas village houses and figurines, but he put all those small boxes into one giant box for me. Then he took all the boxes he had packed upstairs. In the midst of all this, he has been doing his usual cooking, washing dishes, walking the dog, and even did some of my laundry.

He mentioned to me that he wanted to "bowl Venise over with what two old people can do."
Bowl indeed - he is getting strikes at every turn! Go, Ed!

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RJB said...

I am speechless!