Friday, April 28, 2006

Keeping ahead of the game

On my favorite MT site, there is a current discussion on the advisability (or not) of being a medical transcriptionist in today's changing world, with its outsourcing and voice recognition sofware waiting in the wings to usurp our jobs. In the discussion, we mentioned the need for us to keep up with changing technology as our industry changes.

But that's only the beginning, I think. Today, I learned a little bit more about keeping up, because today I spent some time with Caroline.

I have to spend time with almost-3-year-old Caroline just to get used to how much she is learning. It behooves a grandma to know these things.

When Rachel asked Caroline what snack she wanted, Caroline's first choice was strawberries.
"But we don't have any strawberries," answered Rachel. "What else would you like?"
Caroline thought just a second. "Grapes."
"Sorry, honey," said Rachel, "but we don't have any grapes either. How about apple and peanut butter?"

So Caroline settled on apple and peanut butter. Meanwhile, I was considering the situation.

"Rachel, how about this?" I asked, trying to be helpful. "Many times when I come by to see you, I bring Caroline a little something. How about next week when I come, I bring some fruit, like grapes? It's better than a T-O-Y or a B-O-O-K," I said, sounding out each letter, as I didn't want to get Caroline involved in the intricacies of the conversation.

Rachel gave a little laugh. "She knows those words."
"Yes, she knows those words. It doesn't do any good to spell them."
Then Rachel turned to Caroline. "Caroline, what's T-O-Y?" she asked.
Caroline didn't even have to think about it. "Toy," she said nonchalantly.
"What's B-O-O-K?" Rachel asked.
"Book," replied Caroline, engrossed in something else at the time.

Forget about keeping abreast of the latest technology. It's all I can do to keep up with the latest Caroline.

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Tif said...

Not to disparage Caroline's intellect and exceedingly high development, but . . . our dog, Abbey, can also spell.

Utter "W-A-L-K," and she bounds to the door, eagerly wagging her tail. You can't fool her by saying, "K-L-A-W" either, for this dog can spell backwards! Her vast knowledge extends far beyond spelling, though. Say, "Oops," and she scampers to wherever you're standing to clean up whatever you dropped. (Woe unto her if it's not edible!) Say, "smell me," and she gives you the once-over to see where you've been. Almost any well-trained dog can "shake" on command, but how many others offer the "other paw" on command? How many animals come upstairs to awaken you just to let you know your pager is vibrating downstairs?

It must be due to the extraordinarily stimulating family environment in which she lives, yes? The extraordinary family that gave rise to the Carolines and Abbeys of the world!!