Monday, April 17, 2006

So many people...

The acknowledgments at the Hollywood awards shows are common joke fodder. On my trip to Winterport today, though, I spent two hours listening to the most beautiful symphonies on the radio, and though I have never met the people involved, I just have to thank...
  • The composers. Thank you for sharing your talent. I can't imagine what it would be like to have that gift.
  • The printers who printed the sheet music.
  • The musicians. I can picture you as kids, some of you kicking and screaming as you were driven to music lessons. It paid off, my friends!
  • The parents of the musicians. Thanks for making them go!
  • The music teachers of the musicians.
  • The conductors. Keeping everything together to fulfill your vision of what the music should be about.
  • The makers of all the instruments.
  • Those involved in making the CD, financially and artistically.
  • The radio station that chooses to broadcast classical music when it is not the most popular music around.
  • The Toyota factory that made the radio for my car.
It's amazing how life is full of connections involving people we have never met. I am so grateful!

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